Lola MacQuarrie Memorial Trophy


Lola MacQuarrie Memorial Trophy

Lola MacQuarrie Memorial Trophy

Awarded for the most outstanding performance of a Folk Song by a School Chorus, Kindergarten to Grade 6 

The Lola MacQuarrie Memorial Trophy was donated to the Winnipeg Music Festival in 1968 by a group of associates and admirers.  This trophy was originally awarded in an annual competition of winners in School Choir Folk Song Choruses.  Today it is awarded for the most outstanding performance of a Folk Song by a School Chorus, Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Lola MacQuarrie was born in 1910 and died in 1966.  She was active in music circles, first as a competitor in musical events and then as a teacher, adjudicator and broadcaster.  Mrs. MacQuarrie contributed to the musical life of her city and her province as director of music for Winnipeg schools, as an adjudicator in musical festivals across Canada and as a guiding hand behind school broadcasts.


1968 Grant Park Junior High School
1969 Angus McKay School
1970 Brock-Corydon School
1971 Ralph Brown School
1972 Ralph Brown School
1973 Van Belleghem School
1974 John Dafoe School
1975 Athlone School
1976 Grosvenor School &                         Lord Wolseley School
1977 Champlain School
1978 Springfield Heights School
1979 Bertrun E. Glavin School
1980 Bertrun E. Glavin School
1981 Neil Campbell School
1982 Balmoral Hall
1983 Donwood School
1984 Balmoral Hall
1985 Bertrun E. Glavin School
1986 Donwood School
1987 Principal Sparling School
1988 Principal Sparling School
1989 Robert H. Smith School
1990 Lord Selkirk School
1991 Tyndall Park School
1992 Lord Selkirk School
1993 Phoenix School
1994 Lord Selkirk School
1995 Garden Grove School
1996 Jameswood School
1997 Salisbury Morse Place School
1998 Lord Selkirk School
1999 Sansome School

2000 École Garden Grove School
2001 École Bannatyne
2002 Garden Grove School
2003 École Garden Grove School
2004 École Garden Grove School
2005 John de Graff
2006 Angus McKay Grades 3/4 Choir
2007 Princess Margaret School
2008 Stanley Knowles Grades 5 & 6          Choir
2009 École Garden Grove School                Girls’ Choir
2010 Lakewood School
        Intermediate Choir
2011 Queenston School
2012 Bannatyne Intermediate Choir
2013 École Garden Grove Girls' Choir
2014 École Bannatyne Chorale
2015 École Bannatyne
        intermediate Choir
2016 École Riverview School Choir
2017 École Garden Grove School                Intermediate Choir
2018 École Assiniboine Chorale
        3e Année