Harold L. Scarth Memorial Trophy


Harold L. Scarth Memorial Trophy

Harold L. Scarth Memorial Trophy
Awarded for the most outstanding performance in a competition of boys with unchanged voices, 12 and 14 years of age & under 

Mrs. H.L. Scarth donated the Harold L. Scarth Memorial Trophy to the Winnipeg Music Festival in 1956.  This trophy was initially awarded in an annual competition of winners from girls and boys vocal classes.  In 1959 this was changed to boys only.  Today the trophy is awarded for the most outstanding performance in a competition of boys with unchanged voices, 12 and 14 years of age & under.

Harold L. Scarth was born in 1891 in Liverpool, England and died in 1954.  He came to Canada in 1912.  Shortly after his arrival, he joined Grace Church Choir.  In World War I he served overseas with the Canadian Engineers, and when the armistice was signed was assigned to duty with the Army of Occupation in Germany.  He returned to Canada in 1919.  During World War II he organized a concert group from among members of the Provincial Government staff.  This group travelled to Shilo, Brandon, Gimli and Portage la Prairie, giving programs for members of the armed forces.  Mr. Scarth was a member of the Winnipeg Male Voice Choir, the Philharmonic Choir, the Shrine Chanters and St. Andrews Choir.  He was a choir member and soloist in many Winnipeg churches.


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