Syllabus Festival 2020

2020 Festival Syllabus:
General Rules and Regulations

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Festival Dates

Wednesday, February 26 – Sunday, March 22, 2020

Entry Deadlines

Vocal & Instrumental Solo Entries $30.00 per class
National Solo Entries $50.00 per class
Deadline: In Festival Office by 7:00 p.m. on Friday, November 1, 2019

Vocal, Instrumental or Chamber Group Entries $40.00 per class
Community & School Entries $50.00 per class

National Chamber Group Entries $50.00 per class
National Choral Entries $150.00 per class (includes recording)
Deadline: In Festival Office by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 1, 2019



The Festival Syllabus is compatible with the Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals Provincial Syllabus and the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals National Syllabus. In addition to the classes drawn from the provincial and national syllabi, there are also a number of classes unique to the Winnipeg Music Festival that meet local requirements.


All Festival classes are under the working management of the Winnipeg Music Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Festival).


All matters not dealt with in these rules will be referred to the Festival, whose decisions are final. 



The syllabus and entry forms are available at the Festival office and from our website at Entry forms must be printed or photocopied on clean white paper.


Incomplete entries will not be accepted.


The Festival reserves the right to redirect entries to a more appropriate class. Teachers will be notified of these redirections.


No changes will be permitted once the entry has been filed.


Entry fees are non-refundable.


Notification, including date, time and location of each class will be forwarded to the participant’s teacher prior to the publication of the program. Teachers are responsible to advise their students of this information and to notify the office of any errors.


Participants and teachers are to notify the Festival office of any change of personal information following submission of entry form.


Participants who wish to withdraw must notify the Festival office in writing as early as possible.



All Festival classes are open to amateur (non-professional) musicians who reside or study in the Province of Manitoba, and to amateur (non-professional) musicians who are residents of Manitoba studying outside the province.


An “Amateur” is defined as a person whose principal means of livelihood is not obtained from the practice of music or from solo performance with the same instrument used for competition, although from time to time (but not on a full-time basis) such a person may receive remuneration for musical services rendered. A participant who qualifies as a professional for the purpose of a particular class is not precluded from qualifying as an amateur in other classes.


Conductors may be either professional or amateur. Conductors may conduct any number of organizations in the same class.


In all classes in which an age limit is prescribed, the age of the participant will be taken as of December 31, 2019. Duets should be entered in the class corresponding to the upper age or grade of the participants. Trios and groups should be entered in the class corresponding to the average age or grade of the participants. Chamber groups may have one member entered from one grade higher than the remainder of the group.


A participant’s solo entries are restricted to one age group or grade per instrument


Individual members of groups may perform with more than one entry; however, no repetition of repertoire will be permitted.


Substitutes will be allowed in duets, trios, ensembles and groups, subject to approval by the Festival.



Participants may not select and perform the same piece in more than one class. Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Chamber Groups and Choirs entering National Festival classes may perform the same piece in regular festival classes.


Performing from memory is encouraged and strongly recommended in all performances. Solo performers competing at the Provincial and National Festivals must perform from memory.


No recorded accompaniment allowed. Participants may apply to the office in writing to have this rule waived for selections scored with recorded accompaniment.


Accompanist requirements are the responsibility of the participant(s).


Accompaniment for soloists shall consist of a single instrument only. Instruments other than the piano may be used only if scored by the composer.



Photocopying of copyright music is not allowed in this Festival, unless accompanied by written authorization from the publisher. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any participant for use of photocopies.



The Festival will decide the order in which participants perform. The Festival reserves the right to alter the order, if necessary. Requests for changes to program order must be sent in writing to the office for consideration. Program order will not be changed to accommodate accompanists.


The time of each class and the order of appearance will be shown in the official program. The program will be on sale at the Festival office and at selected music stores prior to the opening of the Festival. Throughout the Festival weeks, programs may be purchased at the Festival office and at venue box offices during scheduled classes/events.


Participants are not allowed to practice in the performance area of a venue before a class.


All participants must provide original music for the adjudicator. Failure to do so will result in disqualification, with the participant receiving adjudication only. The music must be delivered immediately preceding the respective Festival class or trophy competition. If digital copies are used, the original CD or written proof of authenticity must be presented with the copies prior to the performance. Likewise, legal electronic downloads must be accompanied by a receipt.


Numbering the first measure of each line is encouraged and strongly recommended. Performers competing at the provincial and national festivals must number the measures.


Performance key, if different from the music provided, should be indicated.


All participants and accompanists must perform from original music.


Participants may change the performance order of their pieces in any class.


Participants who are not ready to perform when called upon will be disqualified. If time allows, participants will be offered the opportunity to perform at the conclusion of the class for adjudication only.


Performances exceeding time limits stated in this syllabus will be disqualified, and will receive adjudication only.


No one may approach the adjudicator while at his/her desk. Necessary questions from a participant must be directed to the adjudicator’s assistant. Anyone who wishes to speak with the adjudicator following sessions is asked to do so outside of the performance space. Please respect the adjudicator’s limited break, travel and meal times.


Adjudicator decisions are final.


Immediately following a class, all adjudication sheets, certificates and music should be picked up. Any adjudication sheets and certificates not picked up will be available later at the Festival office. No adjudication sheets or certificates will be mailed and the Festival assumes no responsibility for music left by participants.



See Trophy Rules and Regulations.



Participants and their accompanists will be allowed free admission to the sessions in which they are performing.


The general public will be admitted to all venues in which Festival classes and trophy competitions are being held upon paying admission.


No coaching from audience members is allowed.


Video or audio taping of individual performances must be unobtrusive and silent. Adjudications may not be taped (video or audio) under any circumstances. No flash photography during performances.