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Walter Klymkiw Memorial Bursary



Walter Klymkiw was born in the village of Saranchuky, in western Ukraine, on October 3, 1926. He arrived in Winnipeg in the spring of 1928. He attended primary, secondary and high school in Brooklands, obtaining his Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia in 1950 and received a teaching certificate from the University of Manitoba in 1951. Walter Klymkiw had three great passions: his family, his community and his music.

As a teacher and principal, he was recognized as one of the finest educators in the St. Vital School Division, where for 30 years he gave the children of Hastings and Glenwood schools a rich and meaningful education. Ukrainian music and culture were central to Walter Klymkiw’s life. He was president of the board of directors at the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Center -'Oseredok', and was a partner in DK Attractions, a company that brought Ukrainian artists to Canada during the days of "Russification" of Ukraine and its culture.

It was always his hope that the sharing of Ukrainian song dance, literature and visual arts with the larger world was a way of keeping the culture alive and dynamic. Ukrainian music was Walter Klymkiw’s foremost passion. From childhood songs to his experience with the late Ukrainian composer, Olexander Koshetz and his wife Tetiana, and the late Dr. Pavlo Macenko, Walter’s fascination with Ukrainian music became a mainstay of his daily life. Walter began conducting the Ukrainian National Federation choir in 1951 and continued till just before his death. The choir (now known as the Koshetz Choir) and its conductor have left a lasting mark on Ukrainian musical history. The choir had thousands of performances across Canada and the continent, including four trips to Ukraine.

Concerts with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, which premiered the works of Ukrainian composer, Evhen Stankovych, and a 25-year collaboration and friendship with Anatoly Avdievsky, the foremost choir conductor in the Ukraine (Veryovka) were significant highlights of his musical career. Over the years he had the privilege of studying with some of the most accomplished musicians in his field: Roger Wagner, Robert Shaw, Norman Luboff, Elmer Isler and others. He enjoyed music and musicians and involved himself with important musical organizations such as the Winnipeg Singers. He received awards and distinctions for his work including The Shevchenko Medal from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Honorary Doctor of Canon Law from St. Andrews College, University of Manitoba, and probably the most fitting and highest tribute for his life work, the Taras Shevchenko medal of Ukraine presented to him in Kiev in 1992.

The Walter Klymkiw Memorial Bursary accompanies the trophy by the same name, awarded for the most outstanding performance of a folk or multilingual song by a community choir.