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Walter and Helen Bohonos Award



The Walter and Helen Bohonos Award is administered by The Winnipeg Foundation. This award is made possible by a generous gift from the Estate of the late Walter Bohonos and his wife, Helen Bohonos (1915-2010).

Walter Bohonos was born March 20, 2013, in St. Julian, Saskatchewan, the son of Ukrainian pioneers. He received his public school education in Winnipeg and later attended the University of Toronto where he studied music. Upon his return to Winnipeg he assumed a staff position at St. Andrew's College as liturgical music instructor and voice teacher. He also became the choir conductor at St. Michael’s Orthodox Church.

Walter gained distinction as a gifted musician during his long tenure as conductor of the Ukrainian Male Chorus of Winnipeg and as choirmaster at Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral. He held the latter position for fifty years. Noted for his masterful interpretation of religious and patriotic choral works, Mr. Bohonos has long been recognized as a leader in his field. Performances by his choirs gained critical acclaim for over half a century.

Walter Bohonos was also a composer and arranger of choral music. Reflecting his passion for the Eastern Rite, Mr. Bohonos’ compositions and choral arrangements are heard in many Eastern Orthodox churches across North America.

Walter married Helen in 1940. Helen was an accomplished pianist in her younger years and also sang in church choirs. Helen enjoyed attending the instrumental and voice competitions at the Winnipeg Music Festival for many years. She and her husband attended the Manitoba Opera performances in Winnipeg regularly and also traveled yearly to hear the Metropolitan Opera productions in Minneapolis. As her health failed, Helen enjoyed listening and discussing music in their home. She was a great supporter of her husband Walter in his music career.

Walter died on February 25, 1997. Helen passed away in May 2010.

The Walter & Helen Bohonos Award is presented to the recipient of the Michael Proudfoot Award - for a conductor exemplifying a passion for excellence in choral work.