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Caledonian Singers Peter Buchan Memorial Bursary

Peter Buchan

Peter Buchan

In the mid 1970s, Peter Buchan gathered a small group of men to sing at Folklorama’s newly formed Pavilion of Scotland. Little did he expect that this group would grow and thrive for the next 20+ years as other male singers, drawn by a love of Scottish choral music, joined the Caledonian Singers.

Led by Peter and their accompanist Roy Halstead, the Caledonians worked hard in support of the Pavilion of Scotland, investing their musical talents and skill. They also expanded beyond Folklorama, performing across the city and province, entertaining their audiences with their singing, their humour and their joy in music. The members found in each other a group of comrades who loved making music together.

Peter Buchan, a music teacher by profession, was a talented soloist and entertainer. While he loved to perform, he drew particular satisfaction from encouraging others in their music – he wanted the whole world to make music.

In the spirit of Peter’s love of choral music, and in celebration of the Caledonian Singers and their years of musical offerings, this bursary is awarded for the most outstanding performance by a Community Choir.