Barbara Pearce Memorial Award

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Barbara Pearce Memorial Award

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Barbara Pearce Memorial Award

Barbara Pearce

Barbara Pearce

Barb taught music for 36 years, beginning her career in Stonewall, following which she spent most of her time in schools across Winnipeg, including Queenston, Rockwood, Faraday, Lord Selkirk, Norquay, Luxton, Laura Secord, George V, David Livingstone, Weston, John Dafoe, Prairie Rose and Kent Road schools. Her involvement with several music festivals brought her choirs to achieve many awards, including Silver and Gold standings for her School Choirs' performances. Barb was the winner of the Tudor Bowl Trophy in 1976 and of several other vocal competitions. She sang in Rainbow Stage productions, in church choirs and performed at various special functions throughout the City.

Barb donated a large part of her estate to the Winnipeg Foundation to support musicians through scholarships, bursaries and special funding.

The Barbara Pearce Memorial Award is presented to the winner of the Tudor Bowl competition for Grade B vocalists.