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Norman Phillips


Throughout his life, Norm was involved with song.  Having been granted the gift of a marvelous instrument, he refined that voice through formal training to become a most accomplished baritone.  In his pre-teen years he was already a soloist and member of the All Saints boys Choir.  As a child he toured western Canada as a headline soloist with the Sea Cadets Band.  Over a span of more than 70 years he sang at countless functions, weddings and funerals.  He graced many an Eastern Star gathering with his voice.  He was an originating member of the Vitalizers; a group that entertained in Winnipeg and across the province for more than 30 years.

Among his favourite occasions of song was when he was singing songs of his Scottish heritage.  This was most evident when he led the singing of the national anthems of both Canada and Scotland at the annual St. Andrew’s Society dinner, an honour he cherished for many years.

Norm was a participant in the Winnipeg Music Festival, having competed as a younger man, but in later years it was his work as a volunteer that he found most rewarding.  Norm and Peggy worked tirelessly at the different venues and just last year were named volunteers of the year along with a group of other dedicated festival workers.  Working the festival also gave them the opportunity to be near to their grand-daughter, Heather who has also inherited this gift of voice and competes annually in the festival.